Insta-flo Odorless Drain Cleaner

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Insta-flo Odorless Drain Cleaner Description

Crystal drain cleaner Works in 60 seconds Hot water activates the dry, odorless crystals For use in small drains, grease traps, septic and root control Odorless Non-acid formula will not harm pipes or fixtures Plastic bottle 1 Lb.
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Insta-flo Odorless Drain Cleaner Features

Crystal drain cleaner
Works in 60 seconds
Plastic bottle
1 Lb.

Insta-flo Odorless Drain Cleaner Review

I had my sink pretty badly clogged and tried few chemicals from my local supermarkets with barely any effect. This stuff works amazing, it unclogged my sink drain really well -- but it did take most of it from the bottle. The chemical comes in crystals and its activated using hot water; I had best results when using almost boiling water rather than hot water from my faucet. Just be careful using it as it is poisonous -- I used gloves, opened a window and left the room for 15ish minutes just in case while the kitchen was venting. It was all done in about ~30 mins. I'd highly recommend this as it costs only few $ more than what I found in supermarket but works significantly better.

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