Ace Pro Drain Cleaner

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Ace Pro Drain Cleaner Description

Ace Pro Drain Cleaner 12 Pack. Ace Hardware Liquid Drain Cleaners.
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Ace Pro Drain Cleaner Features

Dissolves clogs
Pours through standing water
Will not harm plumbing fixtures, porcelain, septic tanks
PVC pipes

Ace Pro Drain Cleaner Details

Item Weight: 24 pounds
Shipping Weight: 24 pounds
Item model number: DO32ACE

K-45 Ridgid Drain Cleaner

K-45 Ridgid drain cleaner,K-45 Ridgid drain cleanerdrain K-45 Ridgid cleaner, drain K-45 Ridgid cleanerdrain cleaner,drain cleaner

K-45 Ridgid Drain Cleaner Description

K45-drain-cleaning-machine the K-45 family of drain guns are the professionals choice for cleaning small secondary drain lines from 3/4 In. to 2-1/2 In.
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K-45 Ridgid Drain Cleaner Features

All ridgid parts ship factory direct from ridgid. If the part is on backorder we will contact you immediately

5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush

5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush drain cleaner,5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush drain cleanerdrain 5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush cleaner, drain 5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush cleanerdrain cleaner,drain cleaner

5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush Description

Drain cleaner brush Removes obstructions such as hair,food scrap,sand,dirt & other soft materials
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5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush Reviews

5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush Review 1:
what can I say long and flexible and strong. can't say it looked pretty after it did the job!
5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush Review 2:
This brush was a good buy. it cleanes the sink drain well. I just wish there was one with a wider brush and longer handle for the tub/shower
5 Ft Drain Cleaner Brush Review 3:
It has a small brush and couldn't really navigate around the pipe. But it did clean out some gunk that was in there. Probably best used for an specific clog rather than cleaning.

Insta-flo Odorless Drain Cleaner

Insta-flo Odorless drain cleaner,Insta-flo Odorless drain cleanerdrain Insta-flo Odorless cleaner, drain Insta-flo Odorless cleanerdrain cleaner,drain cleaner

Insta-flo Odorless Drain Cleaner Description

Crystal drain cleaner Works in 60 seconds Hot water activates the dry, odorless crystals For use in small drains, grease traps, septic and root control Odorless Non-acid formula will not harm pipes or fixtures Plastic bottle 1 Lb.
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Insta-flo Odorless Drain Cleaner Features

Crystal drain cleaner
Works in 60 seconds
Plastic bottle
1 Lb.

Insta-flo Odorless Drain Cleaner Review

I had my sink pretty badly clogged and tried few chemicals from my local supermarkets with barely any effect. This stuff works amazing, it unclogged my sink drain really well -- but it did take most of it from the bottle. The chemical comes in crystals and its activated using hot water; I had best results when using almost boiling water rather than hot water from my faucet. Just be careful using it as it is poisonous -- I used gloves, opened a window and left the room for 15ish minutes just in case while the kitchen was venting. It was all done in about ~30 mins. I'd highly recommend this as it costs only few $ more than what I found in supermarket but works significantly better.

Bio-Stix Drain Cleaner

Bio-Stix drain cleaner,Bio-Stix drain cleanerdrain Bio-Stix cleaner, drain Bio-Stix cleanerdrain cleaner,drain cleaner

Bio-Stix Drain Cleaner Description

Bio-Stix rapidly break down grease, fat, hair, soap, food scraps, and other stubborn residue inside drains. Unlike sodium hydroxide, Bio-Stix are non-chemical and non-caustic. They will not facilitate combustion. They are the easiest and most cost effective regular maintenance you can perform not only for your drains but also for your septic system. For optimum results, we recommend you replace your Bio-Stix on a monthly basis.
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Bio-Stix Drain Cleaner Features

Rapidly breaks down grease, fat, hair, soap, food scraps, and other stubborn residue.
Contains three treatments.
Lasts up to 3weeks.
Improves greywater quality and reduces gas pressure buildup in pipes.
100-percent natural and non-toxic.

Bio-Stix Drain Cleaner Details

Product Dimensions: 0.4 x 4.7 x 8.7 inches
Shipping Weight: 0.8 ounces
Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.
Item model number: 100066

Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner

Alkaline Based drain cleaner,Alkaline Based drain cleanerdrain Alkaline Based cleaner, drain Alkaline Based cleanerdrain cleaner,drain cleaner

Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Description

Dry, odorless crystals. Will liquefy hair and grease in less than 60 seconds. Great for sewer lines, grease traps and septic systems. Non-acid formula will not harm fine fixtures, porcelain, chrome trim, polished brass, plastic or metal pipes.
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Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Reviews

Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Review 1:
My plumber uses this product and recomends it to anyone who needs something that will clean out drains.
Thrift is a dry crystle powder that is activated by hot water, the hotter the better. I use boiling hot water poured from a tea pot and Thrift really goes right to work. Thrift works best if the drain is still flowing, even just a little flow is fine, you just need to get the product to the clog so it can work and work it does! The drain will be free flowing in minutes.

This is not one of those wimpy grocery store drain cleaners. Thrift works and works fast. A great product, worth the price!

Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Review 2:
My father is a plumber and has always recommended this stuff to us. The supply he gave us finally ran out and I had to buy it here. You won't be dissappointed. Just make sure you get the drain lines very hot and flush with lots of hot water after the sizzle stops.

Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Review 3:
Thrift drain cleaner is the most effective drain cleaner I've ever used. Unfortunetly finding it in Colorado Springs is difficult.

88387 Ridgid Power Spin drain cleaner

88387 Ridgid Power Spin drain cleaner,88387 Ridgid Power Spin drain cleanerdrain 88387 Ridgid Power Spin cleaner, drain 88387 Ridgid Power Spin cleanerdrain cleaner,drain cleaner

88387 Ridgid Power Spin Drain Cleaner Description

Ridgid 88387 Power SPin Hand SPInner Auger 1/4" x 25 Foot Cable Can Add a Variable Speed Drill.
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88387 Ridgid Power Spin Drain Cleaner Details

Light-duty product for drains up to 1-1/2".
Comfortable hand grip eases effort.
1/4" x 25' hollow core cable.
Power Spin automatically advances and retrieves cable.
Power Spin operates by hand or by adding any variable speed drill (not included).

88387 Ridgid Power Spin Drain Cleaner Reviews

88387 Ridgid Power Spin Drain Cleaner Review 1:
We had a clogged sink and bath tub drain. I didnt want to call a plumber because it is usually a minimum of $100 per drain. So we went to Home Depot and the guy there suggested this item. I have to say I was skeptical. Usually when I take on a project that I assume will be simple it usually turns into some huge deal. This item was under $50 and worked like a charm! Now I no longer take a foot bath at the same time I am taking a shower. It has some very awesome features and comes with a life time warrenty! It is super easy to use and next time I have a clogged drain I dont have to dread spending the money on a plumber on such a simple task.
88387 Ridgid Power Spin Drain Cleaner Review 2:
I had a cheaper auger(snake)and it got kinked up and was useless after a few uses, so I was skeptical to get a similar model. This thing rocks! Great design solid build and cheap. Used with a drill the autofeed works perfectly. Highly recommended!
88387 Ridgid Power Spin Drain Cleaner Review 3:
My kitchen sink was clogged, with what I'll never know. I tried all those pour down the drain chemicals that supposedly work like magic. Yea right, the only magic in those is the disappearance of my money literally down the drain. After 3 hours of frustration and no results I called a plumber who was going to charge me 110.00 to come open the drain. He kindly suggested I go rent a snake from the local lumber yard. I decided to see if there were any for sale and thus keep my money for future use should the event happen again. I found this little gem at the Ho$$medepot store for under 30 dollars. It took all of 5 minutes to unclog my drain. It was simple, easy to use, easy to clean up, and didn't, for once, require brute strength to use. I'm a 54 year old woman and it's a great tool to have around the house. Glad I found it.
88387 Ridgid Power Spin Drain Cleaner Review 4:
I bought this model at Home Depot today and it works fantastic. This model can be either cranked manually or the crank can be removed and it can be powered by a drill. I cannot think of a reason a person would opt for the crank. Before I bought this one, I mistakenly bought a similar Ridgid model at Home Depot which can not be powered by a drill. I found the manual model to be ineffective. I was trying to snake the pipe under my bathroom sink starting where the pipe enters the wall. There is a 90 degree turn there. I could not spin the crank and guide the auger while awkwardly positioned below the sink. I tried to just push the auger in but without spinning it, I could not get it to go through the turn. Finally, I gave up and returned to Home Depot to get this model (88387). It worked like a charm.

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