Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner

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Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Description

Dry, odorless crystals. Will liquefy hair and grease in less than 60 seconds. Great for sewer lines, grease traps and septic systems. Non-acid formula will not harm fine fixtures, porcelain, chrome trim, polished brass, plastic or metal pipes.
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Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Reviews

Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Review 1:
My plumber uses this product and recomends it to anyone who needs something that will clean out drains.
Thrift is a dry crystle powder that is activated by hot water, the hotter the better. I use boiling hot water poured from a tea pot and Thrift really goes right to work. Thrift works best if the drain is still flowing, even just a little flow is fine, you just need to get the product to the clog so it can work and work it does! The drain will be free flowing in minutes.

This is not one of those wimpy grocery store drain cleaners. Thrift works and works fast. A great product, worth the price!

Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Review 2:
My father is a plumber and has always recommended this stuff to us. The supply he gave us finally ran out and I had to buy it here. You won't be dissappointed. Just make sure you get the drain lines very hot and flush with lots of hot water after the sizzle stops.

Alkaline Based Drain Cleaner Review 3:
Thrift drain cleaner is the most effective drain cleaner I've ever used. Unfortunetly finding it in Colorado Springs is difficult.

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