5' Drain Cleaner Brush

5' Drain Cleaner Brush

Product Description

5' Drain Cleaner Brush Quickly removes obstructions and cleans your drains with ease! Removes obstructions such as hair, vegetable dregs, food, bugs, sand, mud, and many other non-hard materials. Measures 5' long. Makes drains more efficient. No more waiting for the water to go down. Use in your kitchen sink, bathroom, bathtub, washstand and fishpond!

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Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 5.6 ounces

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
Quick shipping, a good price, and an amazing product. Found it on a google search, and it's terrific!

Review 2:
this thing would not make it through the tight turn at the bottom of the sink. the photo shows a nice clean "L" turn but if you have a "U" shape turn, this item willnot make it through. no matter what i did to bend the end and twist and turn it, it just didn't work. i ended up getting the "Cobra Products 83250" which worked like a charm in under 3 mins.i got it on amazon for $14. 

Review 3:
It seems most slow drains are caused by gunk caked on the sides of pipes which this brush does little to address. It's also rather small, if the bristles were longer it might work better.

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