Cobra Products 00400 Zip-It Drain Cleaning Tool, 12-Pack #00412BL

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

The Zip-It Drain Clearing Tool is the amazingly fast and easy way to clear clogged and slow running drains.

Product Description
The Zip-It Drain Clearing Tool is the amazingly fast and easy way to clear clogged and slow running drains.Clears clogged and slow-running drains. Strong poly construction. Environmentally safe. Clears hair clogs12-Pack
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Technical Details
  • Clears clogged and slow-running drains
  • Strong poly construction
  • Environmentally safe
  • Clears hair clogs
  • 12-Pack

Product Details

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  • ASIN: B0018S214Q
  • Item model number: 00400

Product Specifications
Part Number:00400
Size:12 Pack
Item Package Quantity:12

Customer Reviews
Review 1:
I saw an ad on TV for the "turbo snake" that got me hunting down something similar here on Amazon. First up, don't buy the turbo snake from its online site, or on the phone. Like all these pitchman products they slaughter you with the S&H, and you can do much better here on Amazon. The turbo snake, like this product and many other variations on Amazon are basically a thick flexible nylon or plastic strip around 18" long that have some kind of teeth at the end designed to grab and extract the hair and gunk that gets caught in the trap of bathroom sinks and tubs. Most of the products you will see here on Amazon,(including the turbo snake) claim they are for one application only. (Something they fail to mention at all in their infomercial). Be advised this is a gray area. ALL the products of this type can be used more than once if you have a strong stomach, or are just plain cheap. The reason why drain cleaners such as these tell you to toss it out after each use is because the prickly system of teeth employed at the business end that is responsible for grabbing the hair and gunk is very hard to clean. The teeth tend to hold on to its yucky prize most tenaciously. You will be forced to use your fingers diligently to dislodge the crap, which a lot of folks will cringe at. And in the course of the cleaning you may get carried away and break a few of the sensitive teeth, thus making it a little less efficient each time. Still however, if you're willing to do this, and or feel that a little disgusting chore comes about easier than $$$, you can accomplish it and use each of these tools at least a couple of more times. The other reason why products such as these tell you to throw them away is because after each use the flexible rod gets bent and twisted a little, thus a tad harder to operate. Not impossible or greatly damaged, but a little misshapen. Certainly not does it get so bent out of shape after one application that it becomes useless to be sure. One has to decide for oneself if they want to use this tool once and buy in multiple units, or perform the disgusting deed. As for the tools effectiveness, let me say first off that I have owned 3 different versions of this type of unclogger and have found them all to be of great use in getting to the clog and effectively extracting the crap. There is only a very small or moderate difference in all of them. Mainly in the design of the teeth. All of these tools are designed for clogs at the trap, and very close to the sink or tub. That means they are unfortunately a little short, around 18 to 20 inches, and designed only to turn the corner of a bend in the sink and that's it. If you suspect your clog is a little deeper, you will either have to purchase a longer snake, or call a dreaded professional. Other than that, this product, and all of them I have tried like them are both very effective, AND reusable if you are willing and accept the terms described beforehand. I cannot recommend any one over the other since all of them seem to be equally effective despite the small differences in design. My only recommendation would be that if you are going to be one that passes up on the squeamish cleaning and use once, buy several of them at a time and make the shipping charge worth it. Trust me, these little tools work much better and are far easier than removing a trap underneath a sink or tub to get at a clog. Which for me, always and relentlessly no matter how careful I am or how much I tighten it, means they leak forever more...

Review 2:
Used this product to maintain several multi family homes. It's soo easy, you dont have to remove the stopper in the bathroom sinks, just stick the thing down between the drain and the stopper and twist it around and WOOSH.

Plumbers charge over $60 to come in to clear a drain. This is just a few dollers each and with care you can reuse one over and over.

You can clear a clogged drain in under a minute. Leaving the rest of the minute to dispose of the clog. I always use this product with a plastic bag handy to drop the clog and the tool for cleanup.

Review 3:
This little, inexpensive tool saved me a lot of time. I was planning to go underneath the sink and remove the trap. The clog was not that far down. I put the Zip-it down the drain and kept bringing up gobs of hair and gunk. Then I used it to clean out the overflow, with the same results. I was amazed at the results, and I did not have to put anything back together other than screw the stopper back on. So quick and easy. Now my drain is open again.

Review 4:
This product works so well, I now wish it didn't. I got to see what has been in my drain, and doubt I'll have an appetite for the next six years.

My drain has been slow and backing up since I moved into this apartment. Liquid drain uncloggers would temporarily give me enough drain time to take a shower without filling up the tub, but would only last a very short time. I had put a cover on my drain, but my guess is the previous renters did not.

Now, I purchased this with high hopes, yet low expectations. Things just haven't been working.

At first, I couldn't get it past the trap. I put on a handy dandy thick glove (it is sharp, don't do this without) and slowly worked and twisted the tool till it got into the drain (took maybe 5 minutes). Once I got it past the trap, it slid in pretty easily, needing the occasional twist to un-catch one of the spikes in the trap.

Now, what happened after this tops any gross things I have ever seen in my life. As I pulled this tool out, it got heavier and heavier. Thick, thick clumps of hair and Lord knows what else came out with this tool. It was so thick, I had to pull really slowly and carefully to fit it out of the drain. I lugged this heavy clump of hellish horror across the bathroom to the garbage. The tool held tight (thankfully) to every piece as I did it.

Since so much had come up, I decided to do a second round just to make sure I got everything. Impressively, only a few stray pieces came up with the second one I had used. The first managed to grab all the garbage that has been backing up my bathtub.

While I may never be able to sleep again thanks to what I have witnessed, I am extremely happy to be able to take a normal shower for once.

Review 5:

It was only $2 for one at Walmart so I figured I might as well give it a shot before I tried shoving chemicals down the drain and ruining the pipes. The first couple times I only pulled out a little clump and almost gave up but ran some hot water down the drain and tried a couple more times and it DEFINITELY worked. So easy! Letting some water down there made the zip-it go down the pipe easier and I think it made it snag easier as well. Worked great, and using a plastic bag I was able to free the zip-it of the blockage easily and bleached it for the next use.

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