Cobra Products 650 Air Drain Blaster

Cobra Products 650 Air Drain Blaster

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

The Air Drain Blaster clears clogs with a gentle burst of air. Simply pump the Air Drain Blaster and release the trigger to clear the clog.

Product Description
Air Drain Blaster, Air Powered Drain Cleaning Tool, The Strength To Clear Clogged & Slow Running Sinks, Basins, Bathtubs, Showers & Toilets, Fast & Easy With A Safe & Effective Burst Of Air, Fits Most Drain Sizes & Has 4 Attachments.Tags: drain cleaner,drain cleanerdrain cleaner product reviews,drain cleaner product reviewsdrain cleanerdrain cleaner

Technical Details
  • Clears household drains with a burst of air
  • 4 Drain Size attachments
  • Strong poly construction

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 11.5 x 12 x 12 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 3.3 pounds 
  • Shipping: This item is also available for shipping to select countries outside the U.S.
  • ASIN: B000BOKM26
  • Item model number: 650

Product Specifications
Part Number:650
Item Package Quantity:1
Item Dimensions
Length:11.50 inches
Width:12 inches
Height:12 inches

Customer Reviews

Review 1:
This air pump drain opener works great on standard clogs in sink or toilet, with ease, much so more than standard plunger.. However, dont expect it to clean out the main drain sewer pipe clogs. your will still have to call a roto router man for that.

Review 2:
There is a professional version of this tool made from aluminum and stainless steel, with pressure gauge - it goes for over $200. This plastic version does what the pro version does at around 1/10th the price.
A few tips: 1) make sure there is water in the drain over the drain opening (It is not the air blast that opens the drain, it is the air blast pushing the water column that opens the drain)
2)Don't be afraid to repeat the process 8 -10 times or more - it will work eventually.
3) Most of the negative reviews are due to operator error. They say "I pumped it twenty times..." the instructions say "pump 20 -30 times" give it the full 30 if lower pressure blasts don't work first, and make sure they are full strokes (the plunger gets quite stiff as you keep pumping, I'd guess the last few pumps take over 60 pounds pressure on the handle)
4) When you position the blaster in the drain and pull the trigger, you really have to lean on the handle, you want all the force pushing down into the drain, not pushing the blaster up and away.

Review 3:
This is a great tool for your clogging drains. I was planning to get the Kleer Drain Instant Drain Opener, but I wasn't able to find it in the store that near me. When I saw this Cobra air drain blaster, then I decided to give it a try. (before this, I used the auger. the snake works great for my sink drain, it pull out tons of garbage includes long long long hair and strings, but it didn't work for the bathtub drain. My bathtub somewhat is very old and the design is pretty weird. I spent half day and couldn't unclog it). I read and follow the instructions to seal all other openings besides the one on the bathtub. I shoot about 7 ~ 8 times and it didn't work (I pump about 20 times each time), or I should say it getting worse. I was about to giving up, but then when I thinking the air is free (didn't need cartridges), so I decided to try it a few more times. I glad that I did. I pump it 21 ~22 times for each shot (not exceeds the recommended max amount) and shoot about 3 times....wala....the bathtub drain unclogged and works great. I believe my bathtub is clogging very seriously since all other sinks I have fixed with tones of garbage inside. I don't know how the previous owner treat their drains since most of them doesn't work well, but I glad this tool helps me a lots.

Review 4:
Had I bought this first I would have saved $100 or so that I wasted on other products.

I had a stopped bathtub drain that would not clear up with a shop vac, Turbo Snake, plunger, Cobra Zip-It, and a traditional plumber's snake.

This was my last attempt before calling the plumber and it worked perfectly on the fourth try and the drain is now flowing better than it ever has.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I would NOT use this on a drain that has been recently treated with Draino (lye based) or Acid based drain openers because it will get everywhere and you will get burned. I would also wear saftey goggles in case debris come flying back at you.

On the first attempt I plugged up the tub's overflow hole with a wet rag and hit the drain with the Drain Buster 650 (20 pumps). The wet rag that was stuffed into the overflow shot out across the tub and water shot about ten feet hitting the window of my bathroom.

On the second attempt I held the wet rag in place with one hand and used my other hand to pull the trigger of the Drain Buster 650 (20 pumps). I heard some gurgling in the drain and knew I was on the right path.

The third try was done using 25 pumps and the water started to drain.

The fourth try was done with 30 pumps and the water was rushing down the drain.

I really love this product. It turned a nightmare of a clogged drain into a smooth operator. I would recommend this to anyone that is having problems with slow or stopped up drains.

Review 5:
This blaster worked like a champ on my clogged sink. It took 3 blasts to get things going, but that was mainly because I didn't follow the directions the first two times.
- With the first blast, I didn't have any water in the pipe; so of course, nothing happened as the blaster merely puffed air into the open air space. I reviewed the directions and found my error, and filled the drain with water, plus enough to cover the blaster's adapter.
- The second blast was comical. Being underwhelmed with the muffled PFFT from the first blast I held the blaster in place with one hand and pulled the trigger. My wife and I were splattered with water, as were the surrounding walls. That's when I fully realized this thing produces a small air explosion! So be forewarned. If you've used any caustic chemicals on that clog prior to trying this blaster you better make sure they've all been flushed out of the system. If there's any doubt, I would definitely use goggles and gloves, as the directions recommend.
- For the third shot I really leaned into it to make sure none of the pressure would be released out the sides. Boom! The clog cleared.
This product requires a bit of strength. So I'd say it's probably not something to buy for your elderly grandmother to help around her house. 

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