Earth Friendly Products Natural Earth Enzymes Drain Opener 2 lb (650 ml)

Earth Friendly Products Natural Earth Enzymes Drain Opener 2 lb (650 ml)

Product Description

A Natural Alternative to Dangerous Chemical Based Drain Openers

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  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
  • ASIN: B002T5FCBG
  • UPC: 749174091208

Product Features

  • Qty: 1x2 LB

Customer Review

My bathtub suddenly backed up. It was very odd because that day, I cleaned my tub, and the water was draining I was surprised there was a problem so suddenly.

Anyways, I decided to try my Earth Friendly Product "Natural Earth Enzymes Drain Opener" I had around the house before I called the plumber.

I was skeptical because my tub was very backed up and wasn't moving at all. I had a hard time believing these crystals could do anything but clog it up more.

Still, I followed directions, put two cups of the enzymes into a large glass container and mixed it with warm/hot water until the crystals dissolved. Once dissolved I poured it into the tub mixed with the still water.

Next morning, the water drained! But not out of the woods yet! My bf takes a shower and the water is high AGAIN, I measure out two cups, dissolved it completely and tried again.

Since I noticed in the water there were bits and pieces of cilantro...I knew then that the problem was related to the kitchen sink and food waste, not hair as I am very careful to use the catch for the hair.

With that new info...I decide to treat the kitchen sink, too (even though sink was not displaying problems)...with two cups of enzymes mixed in warm/hot water.

The next day, the tub is clear and all is flowing beautifully!!!

My plumber told me that even though I have a garbage disposal, I should NOT be putting food down the sink because my pipes are so old and so narrow. But I've been doing it for years!

Now I feel confident I can address these issues with this enzyme cleaner and keep my pipes running clear with them. I plan to do the maintanance plan of treating my pipes 4x a year to keep things clear.

My suggestion: Try it a couple of times. Also treat another pipe in the house that might be related to the clog. Give it time, two overnights.

Wonderful product!

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