G.T. Water Products 186 Drain King Unclog Hose Attachment

Product Description

From the Manufacturer

This drain king is great for cleaning kitchen sinks, bathtub, showers and washing machine drains. Fits drain size of 1-1/2 to 3-Inch.

Product Description
32 oz Trigger Spray. Powerful cleaning done naturally! A breakthrough line of cleaning products form Clorox. Delivering a quality clean without compromise, naturally.
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Technical Details

  • Great for cleaning kitchen sink
  • Great for cleaning bathtub and shower
  • Cleans washing machine drains
  • Fits drain size of 1-1/2 to 3-Inch
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Product Specifications
Part Number:00456
Size:1-1/2-Inch to 3-Inch
Item Package Quantity:1
Item Dimensions
Weight:4 Ounces
Length:9.50 inches
Width:8.85 inches
Height:4.95 inches

Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 8.8 x 5 inches ; 4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces 
  • Shipping: Currently, item can be shipped only within the U.S. and to APO/FPO addresses. For APO/FPO shipments, please check with the manufacturer regarding warranty and support issues.
  • ASIN: B0000CBIWC
  • Item model number: 186

Customer Reviews
Review 1:
I had a sluggish drain that was progressively getting worse. I tried two bottles of Drano foaming snake, and one bottle of lye, and the clog just got worse. I called my plumber and he "wouldn't be available for awhile."
I decided to try the Drain King, which I picked up at a local hardware store for $10.95 (I used the 1" to 2" Drain King). I hooked it up to a hose, which I fed through the bathroom window. I followed the directions, turning the water on slow at first then progressing to max. The Drain King made a weird "pulsating" noise. I let go for a couple of minutes, and voila! The drain was open! One suggestion: it would be ideal to have one person man the hose water valve to turn water off when needed. Water did leak out the hole where the stopper connects in, but it was easy enough to towel up.

Review 2:
I have a bathtub drain with a J trap that is impossible to snake. I have used a Drain King numerous times in the past 15 years or so to clear the line. It's a wonderful invention.

The J trap is too shallow for the Drain King to fit in it fully, but I run the garden hose through the tub overflow pipe, connect the Drain King, and and push and hold the overflow pipe down into the trap (In our setup, I can also wedge a board at the top to hold down the overflow pipe). So the Drain King is partly in the overflow pipe and partly in the J trap. Someone else then turns on the water.

Review 3:
Before we replaced our hardware store house brand garbage disposer with a new Waste King (which liquefies food waste instead of turning it into sewer pesto), kitchen sink drain clogs were at least a twice-a-year event. A SoCal plumber advertises on the radio that he'll clear almost any clog for "just $99", so I'm already a few hundred bucks ahead.

Most recently, I used the Drain King to blast a clog out of a slow shower drain at my mother's house. A plumber had ballparked an estimate of around $2,500 for a worst-case scenario after repeated uses of chemical drain cleaners and plungers had failed. With nothing to lose, I called in the Drain King and His Majesty did not disappoint. A nearby garden hose was long enough to reach to the shower drain, so I shoved the Drain King in as far as it would go and held it in place while my mother turned on the water. The Drain King sang its distinctive song. I knew it was working because if the water had backed up with nowhere to go, the pulsating sound would have slowed to a stop. Instead, I let it work for a full five minutes, followed by a 10-minute hot water flush.

Clean drain, happy mother, and another $99 saved. Long live the King!

Review 4:
So, you have a clog? The first thing you did was run to Lowes/Home Depot and bought Liquid Plumber, but after following the "wait up to 15 minutes before flushing pipes" and cover the opening so it can do its work undercover...it turns out that it's a miserable failure.

So you go to Plan B, which is none-other then use a STRONGER chemical. In my case I picked up Liquid Lightening Drain Opener with the power of sulphur. After letting it sit for 20 minutes, it did nothing but smell up the whole house.

Ok, on to Plan C, yet another chemical, but this time, I'll go organic since the sulphur smell turned me completely off. I used ZEP Drain Care. It sat there through the night and not only through the night, but sometimes through the day with added applications. NOTHING.

Needless to say, Plan D didn't work either which was the use of a Plumbers Snake. I even used Drain Blaster which uses compressed air, but that didn't completely solve the problem. It helped somewhat or made it worse depending on the situation.

Now, I'll cut to the chase, my shower has been draining slowly for months. When it got real bad, I would use the Drain Blaster and it would help, but it just moved the clog but did NOT REMOVE the clog. So this past week, I ordered Drain King #186. I knew it would get here after memorial day, but it wasn't a real emergency, since I was already use to it draining slowly. After calling in guests for Memorial Day, my wife informed me that there was a new problem...the sink was now draining so slow and it stunk horribly. I did what I knew I had to do, I grabbed the Drain Blaster, and in this case it didn't speed up the drainage, it actually brought it to a halt. A very embarrassing situation for my guests, but after getting through the day, I was hoping that Drain King would arrive and that it would actually work.

Today, I finally got Drain King in the mail, I immediately went to work. The rubber on the product is very very strong, but flexible. I was able to maneuver it into the bathroom drain. My wife turned on the outside hose that it was connected to. It made a loud vibration. I ran it for about 3 minutes. No water splashed up at all. When I finished, I tested the drain, and IT WORKED PERFECTLY!

Then I went to the sink. I shoved it into the main line going into the wall, but this time I didn't hear a vibration and that got me worried. I wasn't able to put Drain King more than 5 inches into the pipe and it was pretty horizontal which worried me that it would splash water back in my face. We put it on for less than a minute because I didn't hear a vibration and I was worried that it wasn't in correctly and the rubber would burst, so I took it out. I put the sink back together and cringed as I ran the water down the sink. I expected it to fill up and lay stagnant. HOWEVER, IT WENT DOWN SO FAST! It was better than it ever was. Truly amazing!

I know this review is rather long, but I want you to realize that I tried everything. This Drain King IS WORTH EVERY CENT. If the thing just worked on the shower and busted after that, it was well worth it. But in my case, it cleared the shower and the sink perfectly. I Praise the Lord that I found this product. I believe you will find it is your BEST chance to clear any clog you have.

P.S. There was a clone of this product in Lowes by Cobra Products. I never tried it, but I believe the thing that makes Drain King unique is the metal tip at the end which is supposed to be the key to its clog removal. This product received a 97 out of 100 on a Consumer Reports test of drain care products in 2006. The only such product to get such a high score. Just type into Google "Drain King Consumer Reports filetype:pdf" to bring up the report for yourself.

Thanks for reading. I hope this makes up your mind to get this wonderful product.

Review 5:
We had a terrible clog in our bathroom sink drain. Nothing seemed to get rid of it.

Tried a plunger and just got dirty - FORGET the plunger.

Tried a snake and just got dirtier - FORGET the snake.

Tried a Bacterial Drain Cleaner (no harmful chemicals) - FORGET the Bacterial Drain Cleaner.

Almost tried Drano but couldn't bring myself to do it - FORGET the Drano.

Considered one of those hand-pumped pressure shooter thingies - FORGET those gimmicks.

Almost called a plumber, but that felt like failure and a cost of $100+ - FORGET the plumber.

Trust me, just get one of these - the "Drain King" (also called "Clog Buster") that's the right size for your drain... (ours is 1"-2" for the BR sink)

Then just hook it up to your garden hose (turned off), run your hose into your bathroom or wherever (through the window), put this thing in place as deep as possible down your drain, and then turn on the water and WATCH your drain miraculously BLAST free! Amazing, and easy, and CLEAN and green!

I was all prepared to get dirty and messy again with water maybe spraying back up the clogged drain when the hose turned on, but not a drop!

Really, get this product - you'll thank yourself later. Our old house will never have another clogged or slow drain now. I wish I'd known about it earlier in my life, all the sweat and toil it would have saved...

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