Jelmar PP4-5 CLR Power Plumber 4.5 oz.

Jelmar PP4-5 CLR Power Plumber 4.5 oz.

Jelmar PP4-5 CLR Power Plumber Description

Instant drain opener with deodorizing lemon scent clears obstructed and slow moving drains safely without the use of acids or lye. Works on kitchen and bathroom sinks, bathtubs, and laundry tubs. Obstructions caused by hair, soap build-up, and grease are removed in seconds by a controlled amount of pressure. Harmless to sound plumbing and can be used with septic systems. 4 oz. can holds up to 15 one second applications.

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Jelmar PP4-5 CLR Power Plumber Technical Details

  • Each can has a maximum of 15 applications
  • Clears clogs instantly without harming the pipes
  • Fits most sink or drain openings
  • Environmentally safe and non-toxi
  • No harsh chemicals, acids or lye

Jelmar PP4-5 CLR Power Plumber Specifications
Part Number:PP4-5
Item Package Quantity:1
Item Dimensions
Weight:6.08 Ounces
Length:2.80 inches
Width:2.80 inches
Height:7 inches

Jelmar PP4-5 CLR Power Plumber Product Details

  • Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 7 inches ; 6.1 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 10.7 ounces 
  • Item model number: PP4-5

Reviews on Jelmar PP4-5 CLR Power Plumber

Review 1:
I had a clogged sink that would take perhaps an hour to drain completely. I've tried various Liquid Plumber and Drano products in the past with mixed results. As a last resort, I took Consumer Reports' advice and decided to try CLR and whoosh! Within seconds my drain was unclogged. Fun to use too! Disclaimer: FIRMLY cover the overflow drain or there is a possibility gunk will come flying out of it! I learned the messy way

Review 2:
I tried every liquid drain cleaner on the market with NO luck, Power Plumber worked the very first time. It is a great product.

Review 3:
I laughed with joy when this worked. Our tub was clogged for a long time and nothing seemed to work. We tried liquid plumber, snaking, name it.
I was skeptical but it worked like magic! Make sure you have the overflow covered SECURELY as the blast is pretty powerful. It's not scary or anything but it packs a punch. It will also need to be covered to make sure the air can unclog properly. We stuffed the overflow with plastic bags and then held a tupperware lid over it. You can improvise as needed. :) Our tub took 3 solid blasts and that's all it took!
CLR saved us a huge bill from the plumber. It was worth every penny. Please don't be afraid to try it. I also feel safer using it since it's not made with harsh frightening chemicals.

Review 4:
I have used other chemical products before and felt horrible about the effects on our children and the environment. This product works awesome! I could even use it with my baby next to me and not worry about fumes or toxic chemicals! The drain was instantly clear and works better than I think it EVER has!

Review 5:

I have tried everything! plunging over and over, liquid drain openers, even ones that are supposed to be professional strength! I bought the power plumber kit, and it opened the bathtub drain instantly! Worth every penny!!

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