Turbo Snake Turbo Snake, Drain Hair Removal Tool 1 set

Turbo Snake Turbo Snake, Drain Hair Removal Tool 1 set
Turbo Snake Hair Removal Tool Description
Slow Drains Fixed Fast! No More Chemical Drain Cleaners!

Instantly clear slow moving drains
Flexible design - no need to remove drain stopper
For bathroom sinks, showers and tubs
Shower & Tube Snake | Sink Snake
Set includes:
Sink snake
Shower & tub snake
Storage hook
Introducing Turbo Snake™ - the quick & easy way to clear slow-moving drains! Simply glide Turbo Snake™ down the drain, twist, then pull out-Turbo Snake's™ specially designed head grabs & locks onto hair clogs to remove and free the drain instantly! It's that easy! What's best, its flexible design easily maneuvers down the drain to seek out clogs without having to remove the drain stopper. For bathroom sinks, showers & tubs.
Made in China
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Turbo Snake Hair Removal Tool Features

  • Ontel #TSNAKE-MC24/6 3PC Turbo Snake Set

Turbo Snake Hair Removal Tool Details

  • Product Dimensions: 5.2 x 0.8 x 9 inches ; 4 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces 
  • ASIN: B002MS535A
  • Item model number: TSPGR0

Customer Reviews on Turbo Snake Hair Removal Tool

Review 1:
I had a slow moving drain in the bathtub and I tried the liquid products, but they couldn't make the drain flow any faster.

So many times these As Seen on TV products are complete garbage. I said for under $10, I would give this a try and holy christmas, it picked up hair and some other gunk that was clogging the drain and the drain is now working better than ever. It did it really fast. Just give it a slight twist. The wire inside the Turbo Snake is flexible, but I am not sure on how durable it is since I have only used it once.

The gunk that it will pick up will be a little gross and it could splash your eyes so use a little caution. The gunk is also tough to get off of the gripper for the Turbo Snake. You may want to wear rubber gloves, if that grosses you out. Its main job is to clear out any hair, paper products or anything else that we get stuck down on our drain pipes. It will not cure any type of serious pipe issues. You get one for sinks and one for the bathtub and they give you a nice hook to put it on the inside of your cabinet door so it is easy to find should this happen again.

I would recommend buying it either on Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond with a coupon because if you buy direct from the TV, they will overcharge you for shipping. Give it a try, and I am giving it 5 stars, basically because I went to Lowe's and the Home Depot and they did not have it and only had the professional grade type and I am not a professional at anything.

Review 2:
In the Master bath the sink Drain has been slow and I have used draino and other products, bought this Turbo snake and it worked like a dream!

Review 3:
The recurring problem in our house is that the bathroom sink clogs. This worked like a charm. I pushed it down, turned it around a few times and pulled up a giant hairball. Exactly what I wanted!

Yes, it's gross to clean up the velcro. But I love the fact that it's reuseable. The drain will probably need to be cleaned out again in about 6 months. My Turbo Snake is coiled up and waiting and I'm very pleased!

Review 4:
This product did exactly what it says it does. I had a slow moving drain, used foaming stuff, liquid stuff, none of it worked. Several passes with the snake and the clog was totally removed. Very easy to use. I read complaints that it was cheap, I didn't have that experience other than the price was cheap. Mine handled the job and could totally be used again if needed, but if I could have only used it the one time that would have been fine, it would have been worth it.

Review 5:

We had a really slow drain (and I thought it was due to water being backed up in our apartment building but apparently not). I used drain cleaners twice and finally used the end of a coat hanger and dragged out quite a bit of hair. Then I found the turbo snake at a discount store and decided to try it out. I didn't have as much luck with the flat velcro piece but the skinny one did a great job pulling out way more hair and gunk than I thought possible. And now I can audibly hear the water drain. I'm pretty impressed.

I didn't twist around too much each time I pulled the turbo snake out because I didn't want to have all of the hair wrapped around so tight that I couldn't clean it, so that might be a good tip to counter the reviewers whose velcro fell off or had a lot of trouble getting the hair off (I couldn't get it all off, so I'm not storing it with any of my toiletries or anything). Definitely worth the discount price.

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