Rooto Corporation 100% Lye Drain Opener 1030 Drain Cleaners & Openers

Rooto Corporation 100% Lye Drain Opener 1030 Drain Cleaners & Openers

Rooto Corporation Drain Cleaner Reviews

Review 1:
I ordered this Lye for soapmaking, and it worked great. Disolved easily very quickly, but solution was a little cloudy. Performed great in the soap though. Would recommend this to any soapmaker.

Review 2:
I bought this lye, it was sent out fast, got it quickly, it works great dissolves in seconds, it cleaned my drains fast,
I also use about 1 teaspoon to a bucket of floor moping water, I have white tile which is a pain in the ?, it stripped
all the dirt out of them, without damaging, or discoloring the tile, it is also excellent to strip stubborn, or caked on
grease, or other things off of steel pans, it is great to remove scum from bath tub tiles

When dissolved in water and applied to the walls, top, or bottom of an oven it strips it off all cooking spills, or
discoloration on the surface, leaving it looking like new. I took about 3 tablespoons of lye and dissolved it in a
little hot tap water then added cool water to it and poured it into a spray bottle, I added a little lemon Pinesol to
it to give it a nice scent, and it did not ruin the lye's strength or effectiveness, it still stripped grease scum etc,
this lye is also excellent for making soap, I love this product and will definately be buying more from Amazon
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I live in Massachussetts and it is nearly impossible to walk into a store and just buy it, as it once was for years, I was
told by numerous store staffs that I'd have to buy it from a pool supply store, which there are none near me, and I hate
using draino because when the blue beads in it disolve, it leaves a blue film on the surface of what ever it's used on, and
you have to clean all over again to remove it, hope this review helps 

Review 3:
This is sort of a scarce item. These people took good care of me and I'll be back Thanks

Rooto Corporation Specifications
Part Number:1030
Item Package Quantity:1
Item Dimensions
Length:3 inches
Width:3 inches
Height:5.75 inches

Rooto Corporation Technical Details

  • 100% Lye
  • Rooto No. 4 Household Drain Opener
  • For Use In Any Small Household Drain
  • Gets The Clog Out.

Rooto Corporation Description

LB, Rooto No. 4 Household Drain Opener, 100% Lye, For Use In Any Small Household Drain, Gets The Clog Out.

Rooto Corporation Details

  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 5.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds
  • Item model number: 1030

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