400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner

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400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner Description

The Zip-It drain-clearing tool is the amazingly fast and easy way to clear clogged and slow-running drains in the sink, shower, or bath tub. The insert measures 17 inches and needs to be discarded after each use. This is a great, environmentally friendly alternative to harsh drain-clearing chemicals.
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400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner Details

Use it to clear clogged and slow-running drains, Quick and easy application by simply inserting and removing from drain, An alternative to harsh drain-clearing chemicals, Disposable after each use,
Features durable poly construction.

400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner Reviews

400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner Review 1:
I have used this product several times over the last few years. It is difficult to find, thus the reason I am searching on line. I suggest you wear gloves because hair balls, soap and body debris create a slimy mess. So, I grab the rubber gloves and a small bag. I take the hair that I get out of my drain and throw it a small bag and then run the Zip It down the drain a few more times looking for additional clumps. It works like a dream. No chemicals and it takes just a few minute. The worse part is looking at the clumps.
400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner Review 2:

400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner Review 3:
Someone gave me one of these years ago, and it has been the best thing for getting hair out of drains. It's narrow, flexible, and simple to stick down a drain, and the little teeth grab all the hair as it comes up. I'm sure there are other tools that are better for serious clogs, but this was great for preventing small clogs from ever becoming big ones. The one I had finally broke this past year, and my small clogs keep escalating.

I've been searching for another one. I had no idea what it was called and haven't been able to find it in the local hardware stores. I have only finally found it here after searching through pages and pages of drain cleaning tools. I definitely recommend this.

400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner Review 4:
With three long haired girls (and two long haired dogs who get bathed at home rather than at Petsmart) in this house we often have slow clogs due to hair. We have spent a lot of money on toxic caustic chemicals (Draino, etc) to get the hair clogs out in the past. I bought this at Home Depot today (for under $3) and I cleaned out my tub and two sinks in under 5 minutes. Now all three are draining properly. I put it with my tools and expect to be able to use it again before it breaks. Much better than chemicals in every sense: faster, cheaper, less dangerous. I highly recommend it.

400 Zip-It Drain Cleaner Review 5:
I have to clean out the drain in our bathroom sink at least once a year. A lot of the things my wife uses -- cold creams, special facial soaps, etc. -- tend to combine with stray hairs and other debris to produce clogs. Generally when I notice that the sink is draining very slow, I have to go in through the p-trap -- unscrewing the arm to the drain valve mechanism -- so that I can take entire drain valve out. Then I typically remove the "gunk" using needle nose plier or surgical forceps. So I tried the Zip-It tool in hopes of saving me some trouble. It did get a lot of stuff out, and the drain is flowing good again. I'm not sure it got as much out as I would have with my usual routine, but for the ease of use and labor savings I'll be happy to use the Zip-It on a more frequent basis if that's what it takes.

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